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Danesholme Infant Academy

Be a Musician at DIA


Music Intent

   At Danesholme Infant Academy we have created a long term plan which will ensure the children have access to a high-quality music education developing their skills and knowledge whilst also expanding their cultural capital, utilising Sing Up, use of visitors for 'live' experience, assemblies and in class music session. The music education will incorporate their interests, therefore nurturing engagement and a love for music.

     We will also encourage our pupils to be curious about natural phenomena and to be excited by the process of understanding the world around them with an emphasis on developing our children’s Music capital through this. This includes observing nature and engaging with the world around them, using our outdoor environment, both on site and in the local area, to support music as an all-encompassing experience. Children develop their skills and passion for music in context of their curriculum theme. The coverage is in line with National Curriculum and EYFS framework requirements for primary schools, it includes musical learning and development, musical vocabulary and opportunities for assessment.  

     Skills Builder and Careers opportunities are integrated within the Music curriculum. We ensure that children have the opportunity to practice all eight of the vital skills and link these to future career opportunities for children in musical fields.  

  National Curriculum Programmes of Study for Music :