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Danesholme Infant Academy

Be an Artist at DIA


Art & Design Intent

Through the umbrella of the arts children at Danesholme Infant Academy become equipped with skills to develop as creative learners. Their resilience and stamina is developed through high quality cultural experiences and engaging in music, dance and creative art activities. This is weaved through their reading and writing as children share cultural stories, non-fiction information texts and produce their own innovative writing that is facilitated through experiential learning activities, high quality speaking and listening; modelling and drama experiences. This approach supports the academy vision to provide rich and stimulating learning beyond the classroom for all learners and the expand ‘cultural capital’ for every child. 


At Danesholme Infant Academy our aim to provide our learners with a broad and rich arts curriculum. It is our intention to develop the whole child and provide all children with the knowledge and cultural capital required to succeed in life. Skills are taught through the topic linked art activities and progression is ensured across the academy developing techniques and core skills in art. 

Example of lesson coverage:

Art - Light and Dark Y1
Vincent Van Gogh is a famous artist from the past.
Texture is the feel, appearance, or consistency of a surface or substance. It is what something is made of and how it feels. Textures can be described as "rough", "smooth", "hard", "soft", …