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Danesholme Infant Academy

Careers and Employability & Skills Builder.


At Danesholme Infant Academy we aim to give our children high quality careers advice guidance, to support our high achieving and ambitious children. This is developed throughout the child’s time at the Academy and is always supportive of their aspirations, strengths and skills. The focus of the support is aimed at ensuring all students have an opportunity to achieve their aspiration. The policy is based around the CDI framework.

Aims and Purpose

a. The aims and purpose of the policy are to

-prepare children for the transition to life beyond infant school

-support children in making informed decisions which are suitable and ambitious for them;

-  provide children with well-rounded experiences;

-  develop characteristics e.g. social skills, communication, innovation, resilience and leadership

- inspire and motivate students to develop their aspirations.

b. The Impact of these aims will be that children:

-  understand different paths to work, to plan the steps they need to take, and to get from where they are to where they want to go;

-  will be inspired about new opportunities they might not have known about (or that might not exist yet), or thought they could not achieve;

-  understand their own knowledge and skills and how they can be used in the workplace; 

-  get, hold and progress in a job, whatever their age, ability or background;

-  improve their well-being through doing a job they are good at and enjoy.


Careers Provision at Danesholme Infant Academy.

a.    All students have access to the following:

-Extra-curricular clubs and trips, which support children in developing their understanding of a range of different subjects. A list of extra-curricular clubs and trips is available on the school website;

- Careers talks on a range of careers that inspire and motivate the students. These are offered to all students in the Academy.

b.    Gatsby Good Careers Guidance:

 The Gatsby Charitable Foundation has brought together the best national and international research to set out eight Benchmarks that define excellence in careers provision

The Gatsby Benchmarks have set world-class standards, and now they want every school and college to use them to develop and improve their careers provision. Government has asked schools and colleges to meet these standards. They published new statutory guidance in January 2018 setting out how to meet all of the Benchmarks.

By adopting these Benchmarks, schools and colleges put employers at the heart of the careers programme. Support is tailored to address the needs of every young person, especially disadvantaged students, and data and technology are used to drive improvements

The Benchmarks are:

 1. A Stable Careers Programme:

2. Learning from Career & Labour Market Information. 

3. Addressing the Needs of Each Pupil Pupils have different career guidance needs at different stages.

4. Linking Curriculum Learning to Careers.

5. Encounters with Employers & Employees.

 6. Experiences of Workplaces.

 7. Encounters with Further and Higher Education.

8. Personal Guidance.

Skills Builder.

At Danesholme Infant Academy our children develop 8 essential skills which are integral in all we do within our curriculum. We hold the Silver Award for Skills Builder.

Children who are able to master the essential skills can make the most of their time in school, and thrive in their wider lives. Working with the Skills Builder Partnership can support every child to build those skills as a core part of their learning.

Each child works towards their skills builder certificate each having a skills builder card on which they earn stickers towards each of the skills. Our parents also have access to the Skills Builder Home Learning Zone.

Home Learning Zone