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Danesholme Infant Academy



Our Curriculum Vision

At Danesholme Infant Academy we seek the highest standards of attainment for all our children. We aim to help our children to become independent learners. Above all we believe learning is should be engaging, motivating and immersive.

We believe that learning is a shared commitment that involves children, parents and staff to ensure our children are given the best possible learning opportunities.

Our thematic approach allows children to access our broad and balanced curriculum with a strong emphasis on experiential learning. Children are given opportunities to access a vocabulary rich environment. We aim to ensure children achieve high standards in the core subjects whilst having the opportunity to learn life skills through developing confidence and independence through through Skills Builder.

Our Curriculum Intent -

(developed by all members of the Academy community (Children, Parents, MDSA's, Office staff, teaching assistants and teachers)

We DEVELOP our children by:

  • Promoting independent skills (social, emotional, resilience, stamina) considering the whole child.
  • Having high expectations for all children to be their personal best.
  • Providing a nurturing, safe, secure environment to deliver an engaging, immersive, inspirational curriculum through creative planning.

We INSPIRE our children by:

  •  Providing experiences they may not otherwise access.
  •  Being positive role models and demonstrating a ‘can do’ attitude to learning.
  • Providing memorable and exciting experiences through a thematic approach to learning.

We aim for our children to ACHIEVE:

  •  Their individual potential whilst experiencing success and meeting their personal goals.
  • Self motivation with a positive mindset with a love of learning.
  • Being active members of their community with a toolbox of life skills that prepare them for the future.

We have long term plans which outline key topics that will be taught over the year.

Please click the links at the bottom of this page for an overview.

The curriculum entitlement supports the development of individual essential skills for life through the skills builder aspects of:


Termly Information Sheets (Click Here)

These information sheets have been prepared by teachers to support your child with their learning each term. They will include subject specific language and vocabulary from Tier 1 to 3 across the different curriculum areas. Key texts that you can enjoy together at home and a list of spellings are included, with some ideas for home learning. 

Phonics and Spelling

At the Danesholme Infant Academy we use the principles of synthetic phonics, using Read, Write, Inc as our approach to teaching Phonics. Read Write Inc. Phonics is a fast-paced, rigorous and structured phonics programme developed by Ruth Miskin which helps get every child reading fast and gives teachers the confidence and skills to deliver high-quality teaching every day.


We value the importance of reading as a skill for life. Children take part in reading activities each day, either through one to one reading with an adult, group reading, guided reading or reading for pleasure. We use a range of books to support children’s reading development; these are a mixture of phonic books aligned with Read, Write Inc, ‘real’ books, banded ‘scheme’ books, amongst others.

Children are encouraged to develop a love for books and reading through individual, guided and shared reading. Our long term topics also have key texts, which inspire the childrens' work. Children take a reading book home each day and are encouraged to read and discuss books at home with their family.